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Ubuntu OS Comes To Smartphones

The Linux-based software will turn your smartphone into a PC.

Ubuntu OS Comes To Smartphones

Canonical yesterday launched a smartphone version of its Linux-powered Ubuntu OS. What does this mean? Well, it means that, if you connect your Ubuntu-powered smartphone up to a monitor, you can turn your phone into a PC. And you'll have to get up to speed on a whole new swipe-cabulary—moving your finger from each of the four sides of your screen translates as a different command.

The Android-based OS is currently only available as a file which you can install on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone to replace the existing Android OS. Its interface fills the whole screen and allows users to swipe from all four sides. Canonical is so far staying schtumm on who its hardware partner will be, but with no devices expected to ship until 2014, we've got all of 2013 to find out. Android users, are you piqued by the idea of the Ubuntu OS? Or will you stick with what you've got already?