Andrew Sullivan Goes Indie

The popular commentator and blogger has left the Daily Beast to form an independent freemium journalism firm.

Andrew Sullivan Goes Indie

In a surprise move, commentator and blogger Andrew Sullivan is leaving the Daily Beast to launch an independent, ad-free journalism site which will operate on a metered freemium model. Sullivan’s new firm, Dish Publishing LLC, will operate at and will offer readers unlimited access at a promotional price of $19.95 a year; non-paying readers will only have access to a limited amount of posts monthly from the site.

Sullivan is partnering with TinyPass for site metering; the company offers publishers a customizable API for setting up metered access to news and entertainment sites. In a blog post, Sullivan stated that the new firm would be running independently with no investment from outside organizations. Since 2007, Sullivan has moved his traffic-generating blog from Time magazine to The Atlantic to the Daily Beast in one of the best known examples of blogging-as-brand.

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