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Smart TVs In 2013? Intel, Samsung, Apple Among Those With Possible Plans

Intel is in the news for what may be a surprising reason, totally unconnected to its reputation as chip maker extraordinaire: It's said to be planning a Net TV thrust for 2013, using hardware it is designing itself. The company is in talks with content providers, and was rumored to be ready to unveil its plans at the imminent CES show. But that's not going to happen, according to the Wall Street Journal, because while Intel's TV hopes are said to be a slap at Apple (which is increasingly an uncomfortable partner for Intel) it's also stuck at the same point—the content providers aren't playing ball.

We've not heard any more about Apple's TV plans, but it's other big rival Samsung has a huge smart TV onslaught planned for CES, including a dramatic revamping of its aging (and flawed) Smart TV interface on existing TVs—including a novel hardware boosting plug-in.

One way or another smart TVs are going to be a big thing this year. Would you buy one to improve on the limitations of your current TV setup?

[Image: Flickr user krynsky]