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What Twitter, The Muppets, Ken Jennings, And Others Tell Us About The Fiscal Cliff Deal

A brief guide to what the world said about the fiscal cliff deal.

What Twitter, The Muppets, Ken Jennings, And Others Tell Us About The Fiscal Cliff Deal

After nights of late-night bargaining, Congressional leaders finally figured out a last-minute way to avoid careening the country off the so-called fiscal cliff. But instead of writing to their representatives immediately, many are taking to Twitter to express their annoyance with Congress for driving us to the edge with hashtags like #fiscalcliffhaiku. Here's a closer look at what is on the minds of citizens around the country, as we somehow have managed to avoid falling into an economic pitfall.

Though the world seemed to be buzzing about the fiscal cliff, only the hashtags #fiscalcliff #GOP and #Congress were trending around the United States on Wednesday morning. Most people seemed to voice more frustration with process behind the deal than the actual deal itself. Katie Jacobs Stanton, the head of international strategy at Twitter, had a note to Congress about the magic of working together ... from the Muppets. Added Box CEO (and Fast Company Twitter favorite) Aaron Levie: Author/comedian Andy Borowitz earned 23 retweets (as of publish time) for this quip: Others expressed frustration at the special interests which got us to this point. Venture investor Chris Sacca had this snip at Grover Norquist, who signed up many Republican politicians to a much-spoken about pledge to never raise taxes, which seemed to inspire a lot of responses from his followers. And of course, in a time of crisis, came the humor. Many people, like Jeopardy! star Ken Jennings, lamented the lack of future fiscal cliff puns while others wrote fiscalcliff haikus and late night one-liners for the occasion. British talk show host Piers Morgan, the subject of a popular petition sent to the White House urging them to deport him, added his own frustration about the process. The calls for his deportation immediately ramped up again. As people began to read analysis of the bill, increasing concerns seemed to rise on Twitter about the contents of the tax changes. Ptex group CEO Meny Hoffman added in the hashtag #smallbusiness to his concerns about what the bill would do for his business. So with your tax bill changing and politicians still quibbling over social media, we have to ask: what did you say this morning? To see more of Fast Company's favorite Twitter accounts to watch, check out these 16 twitter stars to add to your feed now. [Image: Flickr user Ian Burt]