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PS4, Anyone? Sony Pulling The Plug On PlayStation 2

The beleaguered electronics giant is now expected to pour resources into launching the fourth iteration of its gaming console.

PS4, Anyone? Sony Pulling The Plug On PlayStation 2

Sony has announced the first step in killing off its iconic PlayStation 2 console, long the home to such blockbuster franchises as Grand Theft Auto, among many other games. According to a Japanese gaming website, the beleaguered electronics and entertainment giant told the country's retailers that as soon as their existing stock was depleted, it would pull the plug on PS2. Games for the console, however, will still be available.

The move has fueled speculation that Sony is to throw its weight behind PlayStation 4—although as yet nothing is certain about the firm's next-generation gaming plans. It is, however, expected to launch some time in 2013. The uncertain plans have not, of course, stopped some from following every last pixel, as Sony readies the console for release.

[Image via Flickr user PseudoGil]