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Body Language: The Key To Martha Stewart's Business Deals?

Last year, Martha Stewart Living signed a retail deal with JCPenney—angering Macy's, which already had a contract with the brand. Macy's sued to stop the deal but lost; Penney shelves will be stocked soon. So what's Stewart's relationship with each company now? Time for the ol' cable TV trick: Consult a body-language expert!

Analysis by Janine Driver, author of You Can't Lie to Me!

With Macy's Terry Lundgren
"Lundgren's hand is on Martha's back; that is sometimes seen as a power gesture. If they truly wanted to appear in sync, the distance between their stances should be the same as their shoulder distance."

With JCPenney's Ron Johnson
"When we're comfortable, we open up three power zones—the neck dimple, belly button, and naughty bits. Martha has two of these on lockdown. Also, her left arm is used as a barrier between her and Johnson."

John Lamparski/WireImage/Getty Images (Lundgren); Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Jcpenney (Johnson)

A version of this article appeared in the February 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine.