Send The Trend’s Divya Gugnani On Avoiding A Post-Acquisition Idea Slump

Send The Trend’s Divya Gugnani On Avoiding A Post-Acquisition Idea Slump
Photo by Jordan Hollender

Divya Gugnani

CEO, Send the Trend
Launched in 2010 and acquired by QVC in February 2012, Send the Trend’s personalization engine uses browsing and purchasing behavior data to help women shop for fashion accessories and beauty products.

The Negotiator

  1. Preserve the culture. “Negotiate the environment and team structure that you think ideas are going to flourish in. Our office is the same exact office we had before we got acquired. Same Ikea desks, same team lunchroom, same birthday traditions.”
  2. Invest in talent that will stay for the long haul. “Someone once told me, ‘Hire people who act like founders.’ Our goal has always been to hire people whose skills will scale alongside our business.”
  3. Initiate idea exchanges with the mother company. “I go down to QVC frequently and meet with senior management. It’s informal, like a brainstorming session. I go in there and just talk. Then, trained UX people at QVC test ideas for us and give us pages and pages of comments. The reason it bought us is so we could be a speedboat for innovation.”

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