President Obama Responds To Viral Petition Demanding Gun Control

About a week after a petition urging the White House to enact tougher gun laws following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School went viral, President Obama responded with a YouTube video on Friday telling petitioners “we hear you” and they’re working on it.

“It’s going to take a sustained effort from mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, law enforcement officials and responsible gun owners standing up and saying enough on behalf of all our kids,” he said. The video was posted shortly after a five-minute moment of silence on social media to honor the victims, and a couple of hours before the National Rifle Association broke its week-long silence and responded to the shooting at a press conference.

The president isn’t the only one to respond to public pressure to increase gun control since the shooting. The 3-D printer company MakerBot, for example, removed printable plastic gun parts from its online database earlier this week.

But as this graphic on Slate shows, there’s still a lot of work to be done. A chilling statistic: According to the best estimates Slate could track down, 20 people have been victims of gun murders since the Sandy Hook shooting.

[Image: White House]AM