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Toyota Introducing Wireless Mat Phone Chargers

The Japanese car maker will make it easier to charge your phone on the road.

Toyota Introducing Wireless Mat Phone Chargers

When shopping for a new car in the coming months, consumers may want to add in one handy extra: a wireless phone charger. Toyota is said to be creating a new wireless car mat that allows drivers to charge their phones without ever actually plugging them in. The wireless mats, which work using magnetic induction, are said to be part of a $1,950 "technology package" that also include features like automatic high beams and radar cruise control.

Phone-powerless consumers may not be just stuck buying a Toyota though. Analysts predicted that most other car companies will roll out similar technology quickly after the Japanese car company introduces the wireless mats in 2013 (Dodge is reported to be the next company to have them). And on-the-go phone users not ready to trade in their cars, however, still have a bevy of wireless charging options to choose from, including hand-cranked chargers in emergencies and juicebox charging stations.