What We Tweet About When We Tweet About The End Of The World

Were the Mayans right? Let’s take a Twitter-y spin around the globe! (Which suggests, um, no, no they were not right.)

What We Tweet About When We Tweet About The End Of The World

It’s December 21, 2012, so you know what that means. The End Of The World is nigh, at least according to the ancient Mayans. But where the Mayans communicated via pictograms carved in rocks, today’s global conversation is more generally carried out on the open forum that is Twitter. And so it is that Twitter is awash today with hashtags like #RepentYeSinners, #TheEndIsNigh, #OhHellTheVolcanoIsExploding, or #LetsAllJustHaveSex (DM me! Kidding!) Here’s a closer look at what is on the minds of citizens around the world, as the world may or may not come to an end today.


New Zealand

Twitter’s top trends in New Zealand, one of the first large nations to hit December 21, have #followmeskip as number one, and Merry Christmas as number two. #Mayan lands in third place, and #theendoftheworld is in 9th place, well below #XFactorTV3 and just after #laugh. Oh, that Kiwi sense of humor!

News site DTN New Zealand even led with a tweet that noted



The ever stoical French are busy tweeting about #FFBack, Audrey Pulvar, Inrocks in that order of excitement. Gangnam Style and Sarkozy even come in above Maya and #findumonde.

One Southern French village, on the other hand, is being tweeted about a whole bunch:

Bugarach was said to be the only place that would survive the apocalypse. Mais…non. All the rest of France did too.



The Aussies are busiest tweeting about #JaydenTo44k… a push to get more followers for a member of boy band The Collective, an entrant in the local X Factor. And even a match by the Western Sydney Wanderers Football club, #wswvreds, was more important than the end of all things.



The Brits too are most concerned with #followmeskip, followed by #FearnesXmasParty (a music gig thrown on air by popular radio DJ Fearne Cotton) and #Mayan is only the third most trending topic, with #endoftheworld in fifth place after Merry Christmas.

Journalist Heidi N. Moore pointed out that the live blog of the end of the world, provided by U.K. newspaper The Guardian is a perfect example of “service journalism.”



And in America everyone’s busy tweeting about #IllNeverRegretMeeting and…(well, what a surprise!)… #Endoftheworldconfessions and #mayans, with #apocalypse in ninth place. The moment of silence for the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting comes in in fourth place among the trends.

Even the Library of Congress felt it had to comment on the apocalypse phenomenon

And now we rally have to ask: Facing the impending doom of the planet, what would your final tweet be about?

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