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RIM And Nokia Make Nice. But Has The Sun Already Set On Their Businesses?

Two of the cell phone world's most embattled former giant companies have set aside their differences.

Neither Nokia nor RIM can be said to be doing particularly well right now—though they are both desperately fighting against the iOS and Android smartphone phenomenon that has crushed their businesses. And like many players in this game they'd had a number of patent-driven legal cases against each other. That's all gone now, and both firms have withdrawn any pending cases in the U.S., U.K., and RIM's homeland Canada. As part of the deal RIM is making a one-off settlement and an ongoing licensing settlement to Nokia.

There are no significant extra details in Nokia's news release on the matter, and it notes that the monetary amounts in question are confidential.

Do you wish the other players in this market, like Apple, Samsung and Google, would follow this tactic too? Or do you think the patent wars are justified, and lead to improved products for users?