Tablet Ownership Doubled In The U.S. This Year

Will we one day look back on 2012 as the dawn of the post-PC era?

Tablet Ownership Doubled In The U.S. This Year

The annual report from Forrester Research will make happy reading at Apple headquarters, because among the data culled from surveying 60,000 people there’s a standout fact: 19% of Americans over 18 own at least one tablet. That’s double the figure for 2011, and other data shows it’s not just a young person’s game, as tablet ownership is up in older age groups too.

Apple’s tablet market share is naturally slipping as its peers begin to achieve success by flooding the market with many competing devices, but recent IDC data suggests it still maintains nearly 54% of the market–a figure no other lone manufacturer of tablets can come close to.

Other data from Forrester shows that as well as entering the post-PC era, we’re also on the threshold of the connected TV era–as four out of 10 Americans have connected the Internet to their TV in some way (including via games consoles).

Is a tablet on your gift list this holiday season? And if so, does its name begin with an “i”?

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