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Former Zynga CFO Mike Gupta Joins Twitter Executive Team, Tweets For The Very First Time

Twitter juggles its managerial group ahead of the year it could make $1 billion.

A rumor about Twitter's top executive reshuffle at AllThingsD was quickly confirmed by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo himself. Ali Rowghani is moving from chief financial officer to chief operating officer, while Mike Gupta becomes the new CFO.

Rowghani was previously CFO at Pixar. Gupta, meanwhile, recently left Zynga for Twitter. Zynga's business chops, it could be argued, are a little less certain than Pixar's. In fact, brand new analysis by metrics firm AppStats suggests that throughout 2012 Zynga bled some 19 million daily active users overall—even as its new FarmVille 2 game gained 8.4 million new daily active users. DAUs are to Zynga as the Monthly Active User tally is to Facebook: A simple measure of how many customers are actively engaged in its systems, and thus an indicator of how much revenue the company can command.

The New York Times recently noted that Twitter is expected to top revenues of a billion dollars in 2013, as it really begins to set its monetizing plans in action.

Is this executive change a sign of confidence for Twitter's year ahead? Or does it suggest managerial uncertainty at the social network?

[Image: Flickr user Gabriel Rojas Hruska]