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Japanese Firm Introduces The Satis, An Android App-Controlled Toilet

We can't get no Satis-action— at least, not until February 2013.

Japanese Firm Introduces The Satis, An Android App-Controlled Toilet

As we reach the end of 2012 and look forward to what 2013 will bring us, we must turn eastwards. At least, for this shining beacon of innovation—in the world of lavatories, as my mum calls it. Japanese firm Lixil has just launched a smartphone-friendly toilet that you control via its very own Android app (presumably, an iOS-powered version is in the pipeline). The Satis, which arrives in February 2013, allows its user to perform all sorts of Thunderbox magic without having to turn round while in a sitting position—as long as your Bluetooth connection is working, that is.

The app allows you to open and close the lid remotely, moderate the jet spray feature, pipe music through the toilet's built-in speakers and—and this is the best thing by far—keep a diary. As well as allowing you to record your every movement, it lets you monitor your electricity and water use, keeping an eye on your utility bills. Given its illustrious record on innovating its citizens' bathroom habits, it goes without saying that Japan is tops for bottoms. But is it something that U.S. manufacturers should be looking at?