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FTC Updates Rules For Collecting Data About Kids Online

Websites or services need to notify parents before they collect data from kids under 13.

FTC Updates Rules For Collecting Data About Kids Online

The FTC has updated its online privacy laws and amended sections that describe how companies collect data about kids when they are online. Firms that make websites or services for kids, or know that kids may have access to them, need to get parental okay before they collect audio, video, photographs of kids, or their location data, the new rules say.

The Washington Post reports that companies like Google and Facebook have already begun to describe how these updates could be hard to implement.

Just last week, a study by the FTC indicated that only 20 percent of apps had details about privacy, and several did not let parents know what kind of data they collected or what they used it for.

[Image: Flickr user Scott & Elaine van der Chijs]