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Where Are They Now?

Apple, Google, Amazon, Others Snapping Up Kodak's $525 Million Patent Stash

As Kodak fades into history, like an old photo bleached by the sun, its huge patent archive is up for grabs.

According to Bloomberg a consortium of top technology companies have banded together and offered around $525 million for ownership of some of the 1,100 imaging patents belonging to Kodak. The New York Times notes the consortium is led by non-manufacturing firm Intellectual Ventures and the RPX corporation, but is backed by Apple, Google, HTC, LG and other tech names like BlackBerry maker RIM, Amazon, Samsung, Adobe, and Huawei.

In August this year Kodak, which has been ailing since the digital photography revolution destroyed it, said it would sell its film, commercial scanner, and kiosk business units. But its huge trove of patents amassed over its 123-year history is also worth significant cash, most likely thanks to its key position in the development of the entire photography industry.

Apple and Google are primary opponents in the Great Tech War of 2012, and one of their main weapons of choice is the patent-tipped damages lawsuit.

[Image: Flickr user timlewisnm]