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Celebs And Photographers Say They're Leaving Instagram

As Instragram dawdled about a response to user discomfort over its new Terms and Conditions, users are trying to figure out how to jump ship.

Celebs And Photographers Say They're Leaving Instagram
Instagram's decision to alter its terms and conditions has angered its users. The new details seemed to suggest the service would sell photos without permission or notification or payment. Instagram explained some of the dense details of the new terms in a post published late this afternoon, which included a clarification that user photos wouldn't fact be for sale.

But that could be too late. Mia Farrow, Kate Walsh, Pink, and a host of other celebs have decided to quit Instagram in response to the new terms and conditions, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Hacker group Anonymous via one of its many Twitter accounts is encouraging a boycott of Instagram, showing its follower ways they can quit, Mashable reports.

Over at Time professional photographers described how the new terms would alter their use of the service.

Peter van Agtmael, a photographer with Magnum, wrote:

"I will leave Instagram if they don't change the terms. Beneath the chipper and misleading surface patter on the [service’s] intro page, the terms are deeply exploitative."

"What they have done is signaled the end and failure of what could have been a revolutionary social media platform for visual communication," photographer Benjamin Lowy wrote. "Now, I must take a step back and reassess my place on Instagram."

[Image: Flickr usermarfis75]