Video Ads Could Be Coming To Your Facebook News Feed In 2013

The potentially lucrative ads might automatically play every time you opened up Facebook on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Hot on the heels of Instagram’s “suicide note” of a policy change, which will soon allow it to sell your photos without your permission, comes more boat-rocking news from mama Facebook.


According to an AdAge report, automatically-playing video ads will begin popping up in your News Feed in the first half of 2013. Two of the industry executives cited in the report say the new video ads, which will show up in both the web and mobile versions of Facebook, will likely be around 15 seconds long, about half the length of the average 30-second commercial. They’ll begin automatically playing as soon as you fire up Facebook, which is bound to be wildly controversial with users. However, the report says Facebook hasn’t decided whether or not the audio component of the video ads will also autoplay when users sign on. As AdAge notes, the video ads would open up a new, from-scratch revenue stream for Facebook.

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