The Most Popular Podcasts Of 2012

Listen up: Stitcher Radio mined its 15,000-podcast library for the episodes that best represent this year.

The Most Popular Podcasts Of 2012

You’ve likely already seen YouTube’s most popular videos of the year. You’ve read Twitter’s year in review, recapped your biggest Facebook moments, and analyzed the world’s searches.


But you have not yet heard the year as told through its most popular podcasts. Until now.

Stitcher Radio has created a station and interactive infographic that recap the year 2012 in audio clips. The podcast streaming app, which has about 6 million registered listeners, selected news stories from each month based on unique episode listens for the month, social media clicks, and popular Front Page posts. Here’s what made the cut:

January – Apple Controversy, Costa Concordia, Gabby Gifford
February – Whitney Houston Dies, Martin Luther King, Patriots
March – Kony 2012, Hunger Games, Trayvon Martin
April- Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Instagram, Columbia Scandal
May – Facebook IPO, Gay Marriage, Adam Yauch
June – The London Whale, Sandusky, Obamacare
July – London 2012 Olympics, Higgs Boson, Sloths, Dark Knight
August – Mars Curiosity Rover, Neil Armstrong, Honey Boo Boo
September – Endeavor’s Final Tour, iPhone 5, Petraeus, Chick-fil-A
October – Sound Barrier Jump, Lance Armstrong, LucasFilm
November – Sandy, Obama Wins Election
December – Gangnam Style, The Apocalypse, Marriage Equality

Listening to the entire 2012 station, which feels a bit like opening a time capsule of sound, takes about 40 minutes.

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Sarah Kessler is a senior writer at Fast Company, where she writes about the on-demand/gig/sharing "economies" and the future of work.