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Apple Said To Be In Talks With Foursquare To Add Data To Its Maps Service

Will the check-in firm's local data give a much-needed boost to Apple's struggling Maps?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple's Eddy Cue has met with Foursquare executives with a view to using the check-in firm's data on Apple Maps. The talks are, as yet, preliminary, but show that Cupertino is actively trying to fix their beleaguered mapping service, as well as build up its own local search data, a field in which the late Steve Jobs apparently thought Apple could give Google a run for its money.

And with figures released yesterday, showing that Google Maps' iOS6 app was downloaded 10 million times in the 48 hours after it went on sale, Apple Maps has got a lot of ground to make up. How much do you think an Apple-Foursquare alliance will do to restore Apple's reputation as the sparkliest firm on the Christmas tech tree? Or does the appearance of Google Maps on the iPhone 5 mean Cupertino has lost the first Battle of Mapping?