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Facebook Set To Launch Its Own Version Of Snapchat

Discreet social sexting is about to get even easier.

Facebook Set To Launch Its Own Version Of Snapchat

Facebook is developing a photo app similar to Snapchat, the year-old startup that puts a 10-second time limit on the visibility of a photo or video. AllThingsD is reporting that Facebook's version is expected to launch before the end of the year.

Snapchat recently raised around $8 million from Instagram backer Benchmark Capital. The beauty of Snapchat is that, as well as deleting the image from both the sender and receiver's phone, it also deletes the message from its servers.

With over a billion photos uploaded—paf! what photo? *innocent face*—on Snapchat in just over a year, there's obviously a huge market for temporary data. Now that so much of the world's data belongs to Facebook, it's not surprising the firm wants to throw users prone to sharing a less-than-modest alternative.

So, what do you think— are you a fan of digital fading, also known as digital dementia—which means your social media feed has a finite life-span? Or is the balls-out version—where everything is shared and nothing is sacred—more to your liking? Comments below, please!