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ESPN Uses Twitter To Host College Football Replays

The video replays will be embedded in tweets, meaning you can watch that fumbled pass as many times as you want on your phone, until you get bored.

ESPN Uses Twitter To Host College Football Replays

College football instant replays will soon be featured on Twitter. ESPN and Ford, the sports network's partner, announced the deal over the weekend. Replay videos will be embedded in individual tweets, which means football fans will be able to review fumbles directly on Twitter.

Each replay, which will be chosen by ESPN's college football editors, will be preceded by a short ad for the Ford Fusion. "When it comes to college football, it's a tremendous opportunity to watch across all our screens," said ESPN's VP of digital mobile advertising sales, Lisa Valentino. "That appetite is tremendous."

Earlier this year, Twitter, a medium that works well for sports heroes and events such as the Olympics, announced a partnership with NASCAR, launching a #NASCAR page that used a simpler page design for Twitter newbies and was curated and edited by Twitter employees.

[Image by Flickr user Official U.S. Navy Imagery]