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"Project Blitzkrieg" To Attack U.S. Banks: Report

A new McAfee Labs report claims Russian white-collar cybercriminals are proceeding with an elaborate plan to steal millions from U.S.-based banks.

Russian cybercriminals are proceeding with an ambitious assault on U.S. banks. A new McAfee Labs report claims that Project Blitzkrieg, a multiplatform mass theft scheme that has its own promotional YouTube videos, has been slowed down but is still underway.

Unlike most Internet-based, white-collar crime schemes, Project Blitzkrieg has embraced publicity and hype. The brains behind the assault are advertising their scheme on Russian Underweb forums and using social media to recruit accomplices. According to McAfee, a variant of the Prinimalka Trojan is being used to primarily target investment banks and national banks.

In other McAfee news, the company's namesake has recently been deported back to the U.S. after some international excitement you may have heard about.

[Image: Flickr user Mandiberg]