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Bushwick Gang Members Caught After They Overshared On Facebook

What's the first rule of Fight Club? You do not talk about Fight Club, and you certainly don't post about it on Facebook.

Bushwick Gang Members Caught After They Overshared On Facebook

A gang's two-year reign of terror in Brooklyn has ended thanks to some nifty Facebook work by the NYPD. Members of the TBO gang (established 2003) had been facebragging their exploits—a little bit of murder here, a little bit of assault there, a soupcon of robbery and a dash of attempted murder—on the social network. This is the second time in a month that New York's Finest has used Facebook to its advantage, after photos on the site of a police officer giving a homeless man a pair of boots went viral.

Police officers managed to friend younger members of the gang, whose members included Trueboss Weezavali and Sunday Medida (Mr Medida is pictured above, in cans and in celebratory mood), who had been terrorizing Bushwick residents since 2010, using fake Twitter and Facebook accounts. Once friended, they were able to corroborate the gang's exploits with statements from the victims.