Space Launch Feels Like A Gorilla Threw You Off A Cliff

The commander of the next expedition to the ISS takes Reddit’s questions about life, food, sex, and camaraderie in space.

Space Launch Feels Like A Gorilla Threw You Off A Cliff

If you were sent to live in space, what would you miss the most? Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who’s getting ready to jet into space on December 19, says it’s going to be “a hot shower, fresh food, the smells and variety of Earth, and direct human contact.”

Before taking off as commander of the upcoming Expedition 35 to the ISS, he got on Reddit to answer questions about living in space.

He says he likes the taste of Russian space food the best, and that lightening storms are the brightest lights you can see on earth.

He also posted this excellent description of what a space launch feels like.

Launch is immensely powerful, and you can truly feel yourself in the centre of it, like riding an enormous wave, or being pushed and lifted by a huge hand, or shaken in the jaws of a gigantic dog. The vehicle shakes and vibrates, and you are pinned hard down into your seat by the acceleration. As one set of engines finishes and the next starts, you are thrown forward and then shoved back. The weight of over 4 Gs for many minutes is oppressive, like an enormous fat person lying on you, until suddenly, after 9 minutes, the engine shut off and you are instantly weightless. Magic. Like a gorilla was squishing you and then threw you off a cliff. Quite a ride 🙂

Well, that was a nice dose of perspective for the roller coaster-phobic among us.

[Image: Chris Hadfield’s Facebook page]