College Students To Tweet Even More In Class As Social Media Becomes A Major

How soon until they can minor in texting?

Retweet this if you want extra credit.


That idea may not be too farfetched because according to the local Fox channel 57 in Columbia, SC, South Carolina’s Newberry College is pushing the envelope of tech education, and will allow its students to major in social media.

The kids will learn all about it, and how to use it, apparently…because all that time spent on their iPhones or home PCs using Facebook and Twitter and Instagram isn’t enough of an education all of its own.

Check out the news clip below to have your social world turned as upside down as a keg stand:

Now, we agree that Web 2.0 (if we can use so outmoded a phrase) is all about the social experience of the web, with a side serving of revolution in mobile social Net access. Obama leveraged Facebook to win an election, social media sites break news, and important info like earthquake alerts before the mainstream media has even warmed up its cameras, and heck, even his Pope-iness himself has taken to Twitter. But is a major in social media really something you want to slap on your resume alongside your Klout score? (And did you see what I did there?).

The college, for its part, explains that this is one of the first interdisciplinary social media majors. It says it blends graphic design, communications, business, marketing, psychology, and statistics, and that social media is such a vital part of marketing and other business habits that it’ll be a valuable qualification with a likely career path ahead of it. One way students will learn mobile marketing, the college says (via Fox 57), is by designing QR codes, “those little black and white scanners you use with your smartphone.” Apparently this is the “hot new way” to do marketing with mobile phones.

So…last time we looked, the QR code was frowned upon by almost everyone, everywhere (though it does linger in the U.S.). And surely one worry is that by the time students graduate in 2017, with the course starting in 2013, the rocket-speed development of social media itself will have outpaced their education.


But, far be it from us to badmouth some innovation in education. And at least one bit of the U.S. education system is keeping up with the cutting edge of tech (and the rest of the world) for once.

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