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Google Maps Back On Apple Devices As An iOS6 App

We were lost but now we're found, for Google Maps is iPhone-bound!

Google Maps Back On Apple Devices As An iOS6 App

Google Maps is now available as a free iOS6 app. Which, broadly translated, means that all the miserable iPhone 5 gremlins who've been reminiscing about the good old days when they could see their feet using the iPhone's built-in Google mapping service, as they kvetch about Apple's young, green, but well-meaning, map service, can switcheroo to Google Maps. And with that, let me sketch this great idea for an update to West Side Story, albeit a less tragic one, where no one gets offed.

Picture the scene. It's the mean streets of Silicon Valley, with Bernstein's Sharks and Jets replaced by the Apples and Googles. They're going to have a rumble, to-niiiiiiiight. Google will have its way, to-niiiiiiight. Except they don't, because Apple's maps app is so still having teething problems, meaning that the Apple gang doesn't get to the right location where said rumble is taking place.

So, while the black T-shirts are flexing their muscles, sharpening their Nexus 4s and chanting their war cry of "Do no evil!" in a parking lot somewhere, the black turtlenecks are still driving around the 'hood in their unlicensed silver Mercedes people carrier, stabbing at their iPhones, generally getting a bit hot under their collars (well, they are wearing turtlenecks, this is part of turtleneck law) and wondering where their opponents are.

Dramatic denouement: the Apples and the Googles don't face up for an app-off, no one gets killed, and Larry Page gets to sing the song "Marissa" as the climax to the musical.

Coda: It seems that Microsoft is the Schrank of my updated West Side Story and Windows 8 the Officer Krupke. Google ain't going to be doing Windows Phone versions of its apps, due to lack of users, it says.