The Year In Google, 2012

Twitter’s already done it and Yahoo! News has, too (remember that website?). Now Google has published its official 2012 retrospective. But this is Google we’re talking about, an integral part of the global Net-surfing experience, so the company kicked off its Zeitgeist page with a big number bang: “1.2 trillion searches. 146 languages. What did the world search for in 2012?”

It turns out Whitney Houston was the number one trending topic on Google Search this year, beating Gangnam Style and Hurricane Sandy. Kate Middleton came in at number 6, and the Olympics took the number 7 spot.

For trending imagery, One Direction topped the list above Selena Gomez. Apple took spots one and three in consumer electronics trends, with the iPad 3 and iPad Mini, sandwiching the Samsung Galaxy S3 between its rivals. Among feature films, The Hunger Games was more popular than 007’s spectacular Skyfall, and Jeremy Lin beat Michael Phelps to the tape in the athletes category.

Proving it really is a global power, Google’s also got a neat web-based graphical map interface for these stories. If you’re interested in data-mining Google’s data on you, there’s even a link on the Zeitgeist page to help you find your own search trends in 2012.

So as we approach the threshold of 2013: How does Google’s version of 2012 compare to yours?