The Pope’s First Tweet Is Sent Via @Pontifex

Like digital white smoke, a Papal tweet rises. And a Twitter-based Q&A session from the Pontiff is due to get underway any minute now.

The Pope’s First Tweet Is Sent Via @Pontifex

The Pope, or @pontifex, if you’re following him on Twitter, has just emitted his first 140-character missive. And it wasn’t “tap tap tap tap tap is this thing on?”, as one wag in the office* just said, but a rather gentle and timeless outpouring of love to his 720,642 followers. A Twitter-y Q&A session was due to start at Midday today, but His Holiness doesn’t seem to be in full flow just yet. Patience, as we all know, is a virtue.

Since it was posted, at around 11am Vatican time, (that’s 11am in Central Europe), the message has been re-tweeted over 24,000 times, showing just how popular Benedict XVI is going to be, although he’s got quite a bit of distance to make up if he wants to best President Obama’s “Four more years” election victory tweet.

*Yeah, okay, that was me. I have the amazing talent of making myself laugh, which is good if you work from home, isn’t it?

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