Twitter’s Look Back On 2012

On its official blog, Twitter is chirping about 2012, the year that was.

The microblogging giant is “amazed and humbled by the many ways in which people use Twitter, which range from simply retweeting to igniting conversations with hashtags (even around lesser-known topics) to sharing spectacular and far-flung views.”

How true that is, given that 2012 saw a tweet from the bottom of the ocean and some from the surface of Mars.

The data’s uses extend beyond benefitting Twitter’s PR team; the data also provides a historical record of what the public talked about this year. For example: until Twitter, measuring the discussion around a Presidential election was tricky. Obama’s “Four more years” tweet earned the status of Twitter’s top Golden Tweet because it was favorited over 300,000 times, retweeted over 810,000 times, and mentioned by Tweeps in over 200 nations.

Twitter even suggests it can tap the “pulse of the planet” and explains that the London Olympics generated 150 million tweets in total, with the closing ceremony pushing games-related tweets to a peak of over 116,000 every minute. And, if hashtags measure the flow of chatter about trends around the world, it’s interesting to note that the #1 conversational hashtag was “#nowplaying.” The “#nfl” (not so happily) topped sports categories, “#ihop” topped “#starbucks” in the food arena, and “#Syria” was the most talked about nation.

Check out the full details on Twitter’s 2012 landing page, and also learn more about how you tweeted via the Vizify web tool.