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Facebook Announces Poll Result: Voter Apathy Allows Facebook To Meld Its Data With That Of Instagram

Facebook's users have spoken— well, 668,000 of them did— on the thorny issue of user data, privacy, and voting rights. And, although 88% of them professed themselves unimpressed by the firm's two proposals: to combine data from Instagram and Facebook to really wallop the advertisers over the head with their in-depth knowledge of Facebook users; and to remove the voting rights of the social network's one billion-plus users, the proposals have been carried.

This is because of Facebook's 30% rule. If less than three in ten of its users vote on an issue, then the vote isn't valid. Over on Buzzfeed, the pulchritudinous Matt Buchanan damned yesterday as the dayFacebook democracy turned its billion faces to the wall and gave up the ghost. And today we will see the firm's reaction (after the fist pumps, the wooooh!s and the high fives, of course). This will be a sober and measured response, believe you me. We'll update this post as soon as we hear.