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Holy Hashtags: Bishops Urge Flock To Tweet On Christmas

"#ChristmasStartsWithChrist," and, it is hoped, will be spread with a tweet.

The Pope, or @pontifex as some of you know him, has embraced Twitter, and on the other side of the Channel, members of the Church of England are looking forward to doing the same.

In the U.K., the BBC reports that bishops will be live-tweeting their sermons and are encouraging their congregations to tweet through the Christmas holiday using the hashtag "#ChristmasStartsWithChrist." One English priest is even encouraging her following to live tweet her sermon as she delivers it. "Normally I think I would say, please turn your phones off, but I can't say that this year. It's an experiment to see what happens," Rev. Rachel Mann told the BBC.

[Image: Flickr user: DigidreamGrafix]