Apps For Kids Collect Data Without Informing Parents

The FTC’s survey of Android and iOS apps finds that most app builders give parents insufficient information about their privacy practices.

Apps For Kids Collect Data Without Informing Parents

Kids love apps, but most apps are data sponges. The FTC has looked at scores of apps in the Apple App store and on Google Play and found that most don’t tell parents what data is being collected about their kids, or how that data will be used. Only 20% of the apps the survey encountered had information about the app’s privacy practices, the FTC explains. In fact, “many apps included interactive features or shared kids’ information with third parties without disclosing these practices to parents,” the FTC team writes in their report.

This is the second report the FTC has released about apps for children and their data collection and privacy practices, and in sum, they continue to find information wanting. The FTC is launching an investigation to discover if app makers are acting outside of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

[Image: Flickr user Jenny Downing]