CEO Of Zynga Has His Twitter Feed Hacked

It’s being reported on Twitter that Mark Pincus, CEO of social gaming firm Zynga, has had his Twitter feed hacked. Pincus’ feed was seen spewing out spam tweets containing text like “Order this to burn unwanted fat around your belly in just 14 days,” followed by a link.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2011 Zynga spent $1.37 million to protect Pincus and his family. The security effort came before an IPO in December, and after Pincus had taken legal action against a woman who’d allegedly violated a restraining order. In 2010, Pincus’ salary included nearly $70,000 for personal security. This year, in mid-November, Zynga’s treasurer Mike Gupta left the company to work for Twitter, and in late November Zynga’s stock took a nosedive after it was reported Zynga and Facebook had distanced themselves from each other after Facebook adjusted the terms of their agreement–an agreement that had helped propel Zynga to success. Speaking to Fast Company early in November, Pincus tried to explain the pros and cons of being a public company, from the point of view of his groundbreaking, if controversial, firm.

Update: Pincus has confirmed the hack, in a tweet, and his account now appears to be back under his control.

[Image: Flickr user Joi]