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Twitter's Instagram-esque Photo Effects Filtering Through To Users By Christmas

So, the divorce between Instagram and Twitter has now become official. The Facebook acquisition yesterday pulled the plug on the API which allowed Instagram users to paste their photos directly up onto their Twitter feed. And, as our very own Austin Carr noted, Twitter needed its very own sepia-and technicolor-shaded filters, like, ASAP, please. And now, photos from one of the Twitter boys seem to suggest that a Twinstagram-sorta service could be on its way—in time for the holidays, says AllThingsD.

The site's founder, Jack Dorsey, has been busy coating all the pictures on his Twitter feed a fetching B&W, which may or may not mean that Twitter's full range of photo filters are more than on their way—and given Instagram's huge surge over Thanksgiving, Twitter is probably eyeing up the potential holiday market of festive revelers tweeting a B&W picture of the nose-hair trimmers gifted by their granny rather as an epicurean might eye up the contents of his fridge during the Christmas period.

[Image from Jack Dorsey's Twitter feed]