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Come February, Some Tweets Will Get A Wee Bit Shorter

Twitter missives with links in them are getting two characters axed off. Will it matter for you?

Twitter just announced that in February it will shorten the number of characters you can use in tweets containing URLs to 118 characters (117 for https links.)

That might seem like a large cut from the already-teeny 140, but in reality, it's only two characters shorter than what Twitter currently allows for tweets containing URLs. Twitter says the shortening is a result of changes to its link shortener, which will now max out at 21 to 23 characters per link, versus the current 20 to 22. The changes will go into effect on February 20, 2013.

What that means: When you tweet out hyperlinks that Twitter shortens, those links will now take up a little more space, reducing the content you'll be able to add to the message.

That means you'll have a little less real estate to work with, but will it make a difference to you? Tell us in the comments.

[Image: Flickr user Adam Baker]