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LinkedIn Launches An Incubator To Turn Employees Into Entrepreneurs

Any employee with an idea can get up to three months to develop their own project, so long as it's good for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has launched [in]cubator, a program that allows any company employee with an idea to organize a team and pitch their project to executive staff once a quarter. Those whose ideas are greenlit by cofounder Reid Hoffman and CEO Jeff Weiner, among others, then get up to three months to spend developing that project.

[in]cubator is a more evolved version of the company's "hackdays," in which employees work on various creative projects one Friday a month. So far, LinkedIn says it's approved five [in]cubator projects, including a tool called go/book, a meeting booking system the company is currently using internally.

Our only question: How did they not name this thing the LinkedIncubator?

[Image: Flickr user Matthew Knott]