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Legal Case Involving Occupy Wall Street Activist's Tweets Continues

An Occupy Wall Street protester whose tweets are caught up in his legal debacle was allegedly unable to plead guilty during his court case today.

An Occupy Wall Street protester, who planned to plead guilty today to a lesser charge in order to avoid Twitter granting the court his tweets, has changed his plans. Malcolm Harris, who operates the @BigMeanInternet Twitter feed, was charged with disorderly conduct as a result of an Occupy Wall Street March on October 1, 2011 at the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. The New York District Attorney's office subpoenaed Twitter for tweets made from another of Harris's accounts, @destructuremal, claiming it needed the information to build their case.

Harris' attorney claims the tweets might implicate other protesters and that by pleading guilty, the tweets would remain public. Twitter handed over the information to prosecutors in September, but it remains sealed. Writing on Twitter, Harris said that "Judge got pissy about a procedural motion and withdrew the plea offer."

His trial date is set for next week.

[Image: Flickr user J. Andrew Flenniken]

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