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U.S. Military Contractors To Dispose Of Syrian Chemical Weapons

American-funded military contractors are allegedly in Syria assisting with chemical weapons disposal.

U.S. Military Contractors To Dispose Of Syrian Chemical Weapons

The United States is quietly hiring military contractors, who likely include former American troops, to help dispose of Syrian chemical weapons. News startup Syria Deeply (which has previously been covered in Fast Company) reports that the contractors have begun training exercises with Syrian rebels in Turkey and Jordan.

American-funded military contractors are already on the ground within Syria monitoring the status of the Assad regime's chemical weapons cache, according to a source at a major U.S. defense consultancy. In addition to chemical weapon acquisition and disposal training, the U.S. has also established 24-hour Skype links with Syrian rebel brigades for chemical weapons monitoring. Approximately 150 Army special operations soldiers are also working in Jordan to assist the Jordanian army with chemical and biological weapons security.

[Image: Flickr user FreedomHouse]