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With #Slashthestache Boost, David Axelrod's Million-Dollar Moustache Shaved Live On "Morning Joe"
Back in the days of election fever, senior Obama strategist David Axelrod promised he was so confident the President would win in Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania he bet his moustache on it. The bet quickly became its own meme. History, of course, tells us the Axelrod was right...and if he was true to his word the moustache would have to go. So in a wonderful kind of codicil to Movember, Axelrod's beloved, 40-year-old whiskers were whisked away this morning on Joe Scarborough's MSNBC show, "Morning Joe." The deed was done for charity—in support of the Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy. And it happened only after the hashtag #slashthestache gained its own viral runaway success on Twitter, and Axelrod said the 'stache would go only if the campaign raised enough money. Social funding site Crowdrise helped with that bit—to the tune of over $1 million. With the cash raised, Axelrod appeared on "Morning Joe" today—and the 'stache was slashed. This all provides yet more proof that crowdfunding and social networking can impact the world in positive ways, and that the hashtag—as we've long suspected—is an incredibly vital tool.