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Bomb Sight Map Pinpoints Each of the 50,000 Bombs That Fell On London During The Blitz

A collaboration between the U.K.'s National Archives and the University of Portsmouth has thrown up an interactive map which shows the sites of all bombs which landed during the Blitz of London. Bomb Sight was funded by the charity Jisc, which provides funds for digital research projects, and shows the devastation that the Luftwaffe's Blitzkrieg wreaked on the British capital.

The people behind the project, which is available as a web and Android app, have used footage from the BBC's extensive archive, which turned 90 years old last month, as well as images from the Imperial War museum. Original maps from the period now housed in the National Archive were used to plot the resting place of each of the 50,000 bombs that fell on the city between September 1940 and May 1941.