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Facebook And Microsoft Reported To Be In Talks Over Ad-Serve Product Atlas Solutions

Reports are emerging that Facebook is looking into buying up Microsoft's Atlas Solutions, the ad-serve firm that came with its acquisition of aQuantive in 2007. Although neither the software giant nor the social media behemoth would confirm or deny the news, the idea, says Business Insider, could give Mark Zuckerberg's firm the wherewithal to start making some serious money from the firm he started as a Harvard undergraduate.

If true, the deal will confirm two truisms: that, with useful data on its billion users, Facebook will finally have the advertising firepower to outgun Google, which is the current king of online ad revenue; and poor old Microsoft, which is floundering in the wake of tech's Big Four. The Redmond firm paid $6 billion for aQuantive six years ago—$6 billion it has already written off—and the last offer for Atlas Solutions came in at around the $30 million mark. Kara Swisher on AllThingsD reports that the final deal could include some sort of agreement between the two firms