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John McAfee Blogs From His Holding Pen After Arrest

What do you get when you put a spotlight-seeking antivirus king in a locked room with a laptop and coffee?

John McAfee Blogs From His Holding Pen After Arrest

John Mcafee, May 2010 Fast Company Issue 145

John McAfee has taken to blogging from the detention center in which he is being held. Guatemalan authorities are charging him with illegally entering the country. McAfee writes that his present digs are "vastly superior to Belize jails." Case in point: "I asked for a computer and one magically appeared." In case anyone was wondering: "The coffee is also excellent."

Both perks seem to be courtesy of a chatty and generous prison guard, a smitten McAfee writes. "I believe I could spend weeks in the desert with him as a sole companion without once becoming irritated." But this visit to paradise could be short-lived. Guatemalan officials have indicated that they are seeking to ship him back to the country he fled, which means McAfee could be on his way back to Belize.