• 12.05.12

Groupon’s Restaurant Tools Get A VP Of Sales

Two of Groupon’s recently acquired products for restaurants now have the same VP of Sales, moving the company’s strategy of leveraging its salesforce to sell multiple products a step forward.

Groupon’s Restaurant Tools Get A VP Of Sales

Groupon wants to be more than a marketing tool. Over the past couple of years, the company has launched a series of products designed for small businesses, including a rewards program, a payment service, an online scheduler and tools for restaurants.


On Wednesday Groupon announced that two of those products now have the same head of sales. Mike DeLuca, the VP of Sales and Operations of a restaurant reservation system called Savored that Groupon acquired in September will now also lead sales at Breadcrumb, a POS system for restaurants that Groupon announced it had acquired in October.

Unifying the salesforces for two Groupon products is in line with Andrew Mason’s vision for a diversified Groupon, which he laid out in a letter to shareholders earlier this year:

“Today, Groupon is a marketing tool that connects consumers and merchants,” he wrote. “Tomorrow, we aim to move upstream and serve as the entry point for local transactions.” This transition to diversified services is feasible for Groupon because the company already has “thousands of salespeople who have cultivated relationships with hundreds of thousands of small-business owners.”

With a strong established sales team, in other words, Groupon can sell small businesses multiple services instead of just daily deals. First stop, restaurants.

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