Microsoft Opens Its Socl Experiment For Beta Testing

Microsoft’s social-slash-search experiment has ditched the period and is welcoming testers.

Microsoft Opens Its Socl Experiment For Beta Testing

Announced earlier this year as, Microsoft’s foray into the social world is looking for people to test drive it. The site, which is a mixture of search and social, is not Redmond’s attempt to compete with the Facebooks, Tumblrs and Twitters of this world. It was unveiled in beta mode yesterday by the firm’s innovative Fuse Labs, with a few changes here and there.

Unlike last month’s launch of the Surface, which is, says Ad Age, having trouble attracting developers to create apps on its new platform, Redmond is not putting promotional rockets under Socl. The site is aimed primarily at the educational sector, with the emphasis on using collaboration technologies for learning, such as throwing a “party” where users can create a chatroom to watch videos and make playlists together.

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