How To Keep Track Of Facebook’s Changing Policies

You may have heard that Facebook is holding a vote on its governance page. Voting on revisions to Facebook’s data use policy and rights and responsibility began yesterday, and will end on December 10.

Facebook held a live chat with two members of its privacy and security team to set right some common misconceptions. They also shared tips about how to keep track of changes Facebook makes to its policies, and how users could find easy information about their accounts and data. As a follow up, Facebook will post a Q&A session with Facebook’s chief privacy offer on the official Facebook privacy page.

Here are a few things we learned from the chat that aren’t new, but sometimes overlooked:

  • Facebook shares information about policy changes on its Site Governance page. “Like” it and you’ll be kept in the loop when Facebook is looking for comments, or looking for votes on a proposed change.
  • When Facebook makes or proposes changes to its governance or policy, users can learn about it in two ways. They can look through a context page, that explains the changes themselves, or read through the governance document which has changed clauses highlighted in red font.
  • If you have suggestions for Facebook policy, one good place to share them is the Facebook privacy page. The team said it does read through comments posted there.