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Study: Hong Kong, Taiwan Are World's Malware Capitals

More than 20% of computers in Hong Kong and Taiwan have been targeted by malware attacks, a new study claims.

Hong Kong and Taiwan have the world's highest percentage of computers experiencing malware attacks, a new study reveals. Security firm Sophos' 2013 Security Threat Report claims 23.54% of Hong Kong computers and 21.26% of Taiwanese computers experienced malware attacks during a three-month period in 2012. The lowest rates of malware attacks were in Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, all of which had a less than 3% attack rate.

Other sections of the 2013 report claim the coming year will see higher rates of basic web server mistakes causing infection, and novel "irreversible" malware that permanently infects computers. "Attacks and threats—on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices—continue to evolve as does the technology to combat them," said Sophos CTO Gerhard Eschelbeck.

[Image: Flickr user Aleksandr Zykov]