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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Best Business Books, Twine, And More

Increase your business acumen and get your holiday shopping done with this week's top stories.

10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Best Business Books, Twine, And More

1. The Best Business Books Of 2012: Find Fulfillment, Get Productive, And Create Healthy Habits
Fast Company
Itching for a good read? Up your business IQ with the most innovative and enlightening business books of the year.

2. On Sale At Last: Twine, Your Gateway To The Internet Of Things
Twine aims to twist your natural world with the interactive through easy programming. What's crazier, is that it just might work.

3. Walmart's Evolution From Big Box Giant To E-Commerce Innovator
Fast Company
Walmart is looking to become, well, less like Walmart. Might the world's largest retailer create a decent shopping experience for its customers?

4. University Of California Rebrands Itself With Surfer Charm
University of California looks to rebrand itself with its best asset—the ocean?

5. Lessons For 2013: Business Wisdom From Airbnb To Zappos
Fast Company
Start the new year right! Fast Company compiles the top business advice for 2013.

6. Punk Rock Branding: How Bruce Pavitt Built Sub Pop In An Anti-Corporate Nirvana
Tyler Gray on the beginnings of Nirvana and the grunge rock movement.

7. 7 Gifts For Your Favorite Tech Geek
Great tech gifts for the lovable nerd in your life.

8. A 35-Mile Laser Rainbow Illuminates New York As A Memorial To Sandy’s Victims
Artist Yvette Mattern aims to instill hope in those affected by hurricane Sandy by lighting up the sky.

9. Infographic: Watch NYC Get Buried Under Its CO2 Emissions
Need a little incentive to change your habits? Check out this graphic of NYC's smothering emissions.

10. Does Creativity Come With A Price? New Insight On Creatives And Mental Illness
This study links creativity and instability. The highest correlation...writers.

Check out our favorite stories from around the web this week.

1. Her Idea: An Illustrated Allegory about Procrastination and the Creative Process
Brain Pickings
Imaginative illustrations tell the all too familiar story of creative procrastination.

2. Reimagining Buildings Of The Past With The Materials Of The Future
Architectural experts weigh in on how we could improve some of our most famous buildings.

3. Watch Mitt Romney's Facebook Fan Count Drop Every Time You Hit "Refresh"
Feeling sadistic? Watch Mitt Romney fade into obscurity on Facebook.

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