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Who Is The Next Rihanna? Shazam's Top Searches For 2012 And Predictions For 2013

Gotye, Rihanna, and Alex Clare, the voice of Microsoft: The Cool Relaunch were some of Shazam's most-tagged artists this year, the British firm has revealed. It's just published its global list of top-tagged songs and artistes of 2012, as well as predicting who is going to do well in 2013.

Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" was the most tagged song in just about every territory, notching up almost 15 million searches, while Rihanna, with 8 million tags, won the most-tagged artist accolade. Future big hitters, according to the firm, include French Montana, Joey Bada$$, Haim, and Becky G, M'Lud, all of whom have albums out in the New Year.