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Red Cross Accidentally Doubles Some Post-Sandy Online Donations

The Red Cross is a generally admirable enterprise—but sometimes even good guys screw up. To wit: it's emerged that the charitable group has overcharged by double the accounts of some people donating money to its cause during superstorm Sandy.

As an article on LinkedIn points out, an "unknown number" of Red Cross donors were charged twice for the amount they'd pledged through the Red Cross' website. The Red Cross said about 1% of donors were affected. About $168 million has been donated to the organization in the U.S. since the storm hit on October 29. The technical glitch was a tricky one, and is said to have affected people who had JavaScript turned off or had slow Internet connections—a coding error then doubled the donation fee to the checkout cart, and if the donor didn't spot it before pressing "pay" they were billed for it.

The Red Cross says it has contacted all those it believes were affected, but it may be sound advice—as in the case of all Internet payment security mistakes—to check your own bank details to see if you gave twice as much as you intended.

[Image: Flickr user dellphotos]